Rauhsna is a licensed music therapist (MA), psychotherapy practitioner, transformative artist, singer & composer exploring the human growth at the interference of vibration and matter. By engaging voice, sound, movement, perception, awareness, elevated emotional states as well as altered states of being, Rauhsna has created an inspiring multimodal approach bridging science and spirituality and enabling the activation of self healing powers, which is applicable to both individuals & groups. 

She also works as clinical music therapist MA, creative mindfulness teacher for children, families and schools, as well as facilitator for growing creativity and well being, reinforcing the self-healing potential in people of all ages.

Rauhsna's approach on sound & music is that of a doorway  between our material form of existence and the vibrating one. In her opinion, sound is unifying the Newtonian (physical) with the Quantic (non-physical) world. That is why through music, our personal boundaries feel like dissolving and almost instantly we engage in such deep connection to our soul, a state of flow and receiving. The sense of harmony and oneness we experience through singing, listening or playing music allow us to embody the ineffable beauty of our loving source energy. Rauhsna's sound & healing sessions are unique, mystical and intuitive soundscapes, echoing in shamanic tunes, easily connecting us to our loving source vibration which enables and enhances the recovery of our cellular structures. 


Yet, the greatest challenge for us humans consists in maintaining elevated vibratory states also outside of therapeutical setting. Through her work, Rauhsna emphasizes that, by practicing certain techniques involving focused attention and altered states of consciousness,

it is possible to create a sustainable transfer between the music based experience of oneness and our daily life so that we BECOME more and more the healing vibration itself. 

"Since every healing process emerges from elevated vibrations such as joy, gratitude & love, raising the own vibration reveals to be the elementary "doing" for each and every human being during lifetime, just like drinking water." (Rauhsna)