Rauhsna is a transformative artist, singer/songwriter, licensed music therapist MA, psychotherapy practitioner, exploring the interference of voice/sound, body, consciousness and soul by engaging voice, sound, movement, perception & awareness. 

She also works as clinical music therapist MA,  creative mindfulness teacher for children, families and in schools, as well as facilitator for growing creativity and well being, reinforcing the self-healing potential of people.

Rauhsna's approach on sound & music  is that frequency is able to connect our living beings to our very source as souls. Yet, that the healing element is not consisting in harmonic sounds & patterns performed for a person from the outside (as often expected), but rather that a healing process emerges from elevated states of awareness within a person vibrating from gratitude and love.

Rauhsna's shamanic and astral soundscapes are sound portals to  transcendental experiences, enabling the participants to engage in the process of  making peace with the past, raising their own vibration and awakening their self healing potential.