So., 23. Juni | Allach-Untermenzing


The Sacred Vibration
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Time & Location

23. Juni 2019, 16:00 – 20:00
Allach-Untermenzing, Allach-Untermenzing, Munich, Germany

About the Event

Blessing is one of the oldest, most powerful ways to bring sacredness in the daily living. Every single ethnic group of the Earth owns its own sacred map of blessings and incantations of / from the good spirits transmitted throughout generations, radiating divine guidance. In the sacred space of *BLESSING* your being will vibrate in magic incantations and poetic blessings, in the fusion of two wholesome voices: Johannes’ deep & tranquil voice woven with Rauhsna’s soothing shamanic toning and chanting. *BLESSING* opens a mystic space for the reunion between us as humans and our genuine spiritual nature so that the vibration of everyone’s true divine essence can awake.


Following an introduction & connection circle, you will float for about 90 Minutes in an ocean of blessings shaped in sound, poetry (German language), chanting, toning, in a sound sphere of mesmerising music instruments, while you’re comfortably laying. Johannes’s words will remind you of the incommensurable beauty of your divine being as your spirit widens in Rauhsna’s soulful voice and sound. While melting into your sacredness, you give in to the universal field allowing the natural attunement of your being. In the following hour, you will find yourself in a soulful Ceremony of Surrender and Collective Connection through sacred chanting and toning, a time for you to integrate the beautiful, healing experiences of *BLESSING*.

At the end of the ceremony we share our revelations in our circle with vegan & vegetarian snacks and exquisite tee.


Price: 55,- € per person

Please register via email:, the places are limited to 9 participants.

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Sunday, 23.June 2019, 16:00-19:30h In the Sonic Room of EvolutionYou in Munich Allach.

Please bring with you warm socks, comfortable clothes and yoga mat.


Born in Romania, Rauhsna (Roxana Elena Foell) has soon discovered voice & sound as key elements in self-regulation processes when dealing with challenging life situations. Growing up amidst ancient healing traditions in the Eastern Carpathians and in deep connection with the nature, she then dedicated her main lifework to integrative healing & music/sound therapy. Her holistic approach on healing - through psychodynamic, voice, sound, movement, singing/songwriting and loving awareness - expanded also outside her clinical & therapeutic practice. Rauhsna’s singing is rooted in the very soul, her soothing, mystic & shamanic voice is awakening the true divine nature in her listeners. Through her work, Rauhsna builds bridges between Spirituality, Arts, Therapy and Science and inspires many people in activating their intuition, creativity and self-healing powers. More details on Rauhsna and further events:


As a facilitator for spiritual growth, Johannes brings words, intention and heart vibration in coherence. His source of truth, aliveness and healing is the SILENCE. Johannes’ own transformation process is the result of intense searching and learning in the field of non-duality (Advaita) over a period of four decades. Johannes leads Satsang circles (meetings in truth), retreats and other spiritual gatherings, fostering transformative processes through the pure power of consciousness and awareness. His precise wordings, humorous pictures and metaphors embedded in deep, loving kindness allow the mind to dissolve in the silence of the heart – a real shortcut on one’s spiritual path, inviting you to shift from the spiritual seeker to the divine creator in conscious loving awareness. More details on Johannes’ and further events:



* Happy to meet you in vibrating love *

Rauhsna & Johannes

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